Precision Machining

We have equipped our 6,000 sq. ft precision machine shop to be capable of handling the heavy fabrications we build. Our fully CNC Gantry Milling Machine has the capacity to cope with a 20 tonne fabrication with a maximum size of 7.6M x 3.5M inside gantry x 2.5M under tool. The machining area is 7M in length x 3.1M in width x 2M in height, all in one setting and to a tolerance of 0.05mm (2 thou). This machine is fitted with a Fanuc CNC Controller with a Beaver 5 Face Mark 2 Milling Head and a 72 position tool changer. Due to scarcity of a working area of this size we regularly take on machining only subcontract projects in a variety of materials for our customers.

We also have a Union 130 Horizontal Borer with a maximum fabrication size of 2.6M long x 2M high x 2M wide, a Union 80 Horizontal Borer with a maximum fabrication size of 1.5M long x 1.25M high x 1M wide and finally an Asquith Radial Driller with a bed size of 3 x 1.2M and a maximum swing of 2.4M completes the machine shop setup.

Over the decades we have worked with almost all the heavy machine shops UK on various projects that were too large for us to do in house. This has given us a wealth of experience on who to trust, and almost as importantly who not to trust, to give the tolerance and delivery you require.

Contact our friendly staff to find out what we can do for you. Our skilled quoting team are experts in turning around competitive quotes in a short time frame.

Large and complex machining

Facility List


CNC Noble & Lund Gantry Milling Machine

  • Bed size 7m long x 3m wide x 2m high
  • Beaver 5 Face Mark 2 Milling head


  • Bed size 9m long x 2.2m wide
  • Universal milling head

Butler TE 3000

  • Bed size 3.1m long x 1.2m wide
  • 5 Axis orthogonal head

CNC BOKO WF3/12 Vertical Milling machine

  • Bed size 1.2m long x 1.8m wide
  • 5 Axis orthogonal head

Union 130 Horizontal Borer

  • Bed Size 2m long x 1.8m wide x 1.25m high
  • DRO controls

Union 80 Horizontal Borer

  • Bed Size 1.4m long x 1.2m wide x 1.25m high
  • DRO Controls

Asquith Radial driller

  • No5 Morse taper
  • 2.5m x 1.1
  • Maximum swing 2.4m

Precision Machine Shop

Work Area:
560 square metres (6000 sq. ft.)
Lifting capacity:
Maximum lift 20 tonnes
Maximum job height 5 metres

Light Machine Shop

Work Area:
168 square metres (2000 sq. ft.)
Lifting capacity:
Maximum lift 10 tonnes
Maximum job height 4 metres


B.S. EN ISO 9001:2015

Welding Procedures:

  • BS EN 288 / BS EN ISO 15614-1 / ASME IX.

Welder Approval:

  • BS EN 287-1 / ASME IX.

Welding Machines:

  • BS EN 50504.

DPT, MPI and Ultrasonic testing